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I am often asked what is the best free antivirus program out there.

Often, I am asked to remove viruses and spyware from people’s computers. Frequently these viruses got installed from infected files received via email, or received by infected websites. These viruses often will download additional payloads of viruses. It is not uncommon to see tons of infected files on a person’s computer.

These viruses will usually slow the computer down significantly. Some will make offers of removing the viruses, and then try to sell you software to do so. Don’t fall for this trap.

First off, only download software from safe sites. the site I use for all of my downloads is filehippo.

Filehippo provides all kinds of utilities and programs. Some are full programs, and some are limited demos.

The best solution is prevention – do not launch attachments from strangers. Also, be careful with the links you see on questionable websites.

After that, the best free antivirus is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

It finds the most amount of problems, and fixes the most issues. It does a great job, and is often updated. It also works fins if there is other antivirus /spyware software installed.

The only thing you have to be careful about is the installation. At the end of the installation, it will default to turning on their premium, fee-based version as a trial. You want to uncheck the box unless you plan on buying it, which in my opinion is unneeded.

Ten Gift Ideas for any Photographer


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Here are ten gift ideas for the photographer in your life:

1) Camera Lens Style Coffee Mug – the mug looks like a camera lens!

2) Speedlighter’s Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites by Syl Arena – awesome, highly addictive book!

3) Hot Shoe Diaries by Joe McNally – another great book that gives you instruction on using small flashes

4) Neweer TT560 – I own two of these flashes, and they are simply great. Great flash, great price.

5) 50 Portraits – Gregory Heisler

6) YongNuo Wireless Flash Triggers – I use these with the flashes shown above. It eliminates the cords which can cause tripping.

7) Adobe Lightroom – I now use this more than I use Photoshop for my photos. This catalogs the photos as well as allows you to crop, edit and use special effects.

8) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Book for Digital photographers by Scott Kelby – a great book for users of Lightroom

9) Backdrop Background Support Stand – I love this background stand – sturdy, and well built.

10) Joby GripTight Gorilla PodStand – perfect for small cameras and mobile phones, especially when you want to take the selfie to the next level.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links, and that a very small portion of these purchases may be paid to me at no cost to you.

Toto – Kingdom of Desire


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Please share. This song deserves to be sung. Blaring horns, Jimi-style guitars, hammond organ, and drums. Very cool break. Surprises await you. No April Fools joke.

–lyrics follow–

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6:00 – Dream Theater: Awake

–click below for lyrics–

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One word


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Congrats to Instagram!


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Congrats to Instagram’s acquisition by Facebook. Not bad for a 13 person team to rake in 1 billion dollars! Individual payouts vary on time spent, but one payout is rumoured to be at around 400 million in money & stock.

Say No to Negativity


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Just say no to negativity – don’t surround yourself with it. There are better things to do with your time. Build something, instead of tearing it down.

Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution Bothering Eyes


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Maybe this will help someone else who wears contact lenses.

With my my saline solution and glasses left at the office, I was stuck. It’s late, and I need to take out my contacts. They are not the disposable kind.

I normally store them in saline solution, because most disinfecting solutions bother my eyes, even after neutralizing the solution.

I was forced to put them in a multi-purpose solution overnight. “No rinse needed.” Yea, right.

The next morning after putting the contact lenses in my eyes, the eyes quickly turned red, itchy and burning.

I read the ingredients on the back, and saw it only had a small amount of cleaner it. So, I tried splashing some water on my eyes. Normally this bugs the contacts, but I had nothing to lose.
It gave me instant relief. After a couple minutes, I splashed more water on my eyes. It felt much better.

I was able to go work without them bugging me too much. Rinsing them with saline there did the final trick.

Thank goodness – my eyes just needed a sip of water.

How to get WAMP to use Wordpress SEO Friendly Permalinks


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This is post is about getting Wordpress to properly work with WAMP.

I often use WAMP , a full-featured web server with MySQL and PHP  and phpMyAdmin to test out website changes and development on my own machine – one of the best things out there for free.  When running Wordpress in WAMP, one of the features of Wordpress is using search-engine-friendly url’s. An example of how this url looks would be

However, WAMP out of the box will not word properly with this feature of Wordpress. Luckily, this is easily fixed.

0) Get Wordpress installed in WAMP – instructions for this are at, so I won’t repeat that here.

1) In wordpress, change the permalink setting to /%postname%/

2) In WAMP, make sure the apache module alias_module and rewrite_module are running.

3) If you are running multiple sites in WAMP, you’ll need to make sure that in the httpd-vhosts.conf file the Allow Override line is replaced with AllowOverride FileInfo Options.

4) That’s it! Restart WAMP and it should work.

Best Buy Reducing CD Inventory, increasing Gaming Systems


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I stopped in my local Best Buy in Windsor, ON, Canada, and they reduced their cd area to roughly two aisles. It previously was about four aisles. This eliminated around twelve thousand cd’s according to someone there.

What are they going to do with the extra space? They are going to display big screen tv’s with gaming systems, such as the Wii, Xbox, and PS3 to push more gaming systems. This appears to be Best Buy finally responding to trends, although it is a little sad to see.

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