Changes to Google Local Business Center Rankings?

Is it just me, or did other people experience big changes in rankings on Google Local Business Center?

In the few weeks, I noticed that my rank didn’t just drop – it dropped off completely from the map on ALL my keywords (which were few).  The search engine rankings are about the same, so I am guessing that it was not Google Caffeine.  The only thing that I did differently on my end in the past month prior to noticing the problem was to link to the website from a PRzero site (formerly PR4) – which was…here 🙁 

A quick search does not reveal any blogs about any changes.

I did notice in the last few days that my business info listed suddenly was showing as only 93% complete, when it was 100% before. Could this have affected things? I did not see any additional items added, oddly enough. So, I uploaded a Youtube video. Nope – that wasn’t it. Still showing 93% complete. I went in, and made some minor text change, and then it showed 100% change. It didn’t, however, affect my map listing at all for my keywords. At least not yet.

So the quest to get back continues.

I guess the only bright note was that the changes obliterated some of the competition as well.

What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Changes to Google Local Business Center Rankings?”

  1. I have seen a change in how Google is associating the references to your business. Some listing have lost all references and fell of the earth becuase of that.
    I am guessing here but it seems like they are turning up the trust factor for ranking purposes. do you have any references from citysearch, dexknows, angies list or superpages?


  2. Andy,

    Great point. I will have to get more set up. It is a little trickier here in Canada. Citysearch is for US only. Bing Local Business listings currently do not support Canada. Google user reviews apparently do not matter as much as they used to, either. One of the top ones listed has a link on kijiji, oddy enough. Not sure if it makes a difference, but funny to see it listed as a reference.

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