Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno and the Tonight Show

If nothing else, the sudden changes by NBC have given all the late-night talk show hosts more material for their monologues.

Here is Conan’s  letter to the New York Post: saying that he doesn’t want to have the Tonight Show moved and ruin the 60 year franchise.

If you want to read about some of the meetings with Conan and NBC, check this out:

I had also read that Conan gets a big lump payout if NBC ever moved him back beyond 12:05, which is why NBC is considering them each doing a half hour show.

Jimmy Kimmel has gotten into the act and came out to start his show impersonating Jay Leno – silver hair, fake chin and all.

Watch here:
Jimmy has been invited to the Jay Leno show to reprise the role.

This is basically a repeat of what happened with Letterman and Leno. I wouldn’t be surprised if the results are the same.

Jimmy Fallon, who is also getting bumped later,  made a funny comment during his show:
“Thank you, NBC, for announcing that Jay Leno will be moving back to 11:30. It’ll be interesting to see how Jay and Conan do against Dave, and how we do against the Perfect Push-up infomercial.”

Letterman has poked fun at all of this several times, and some of it can be viewed here:

Craig Ferguson had some really funny stuff about it that could be viewed here:

The question I have, is…in 2004 was Jay forced to make the retirement announcment?? It doesn’t seem like he wanted to retire. I have to believe it was a forced announcement.

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