Google Street View funny photo site

I happened to find a pretty addictive site.  By now, a lot of people are familiar with the Google car that has a camera on a tripod, attached to the roof of the car.   The site contains photos of oddities and random things, but there is a lot to look at.  I finally had to pull myself away from  it, in fact.

As the Google Street View car passes by, it is constantly taking pictures (and until recently, collecting wireless information).  So… it is pretty obvious when you see this vehicle that you know what is going on.  It’s been through the city twice here.  It appears that even people in Portugal know what the vehicle is.  Keep on the lookout for the Google Street View bike – which I hadn’t known about before.

There are a ton of photos in this site’s collection.  There are photos of  people waving, people flipping off the camera, but the funniest ones are when people don’t notice the vehicle.  There are multiple photos of people caught urinating in bushes or alleys, photos of guys checking out women, a drug deal, a fight, and people pulled over by the police. There also is one of a very pregnant women smoking, and (believe it!) a mother holding her baby daughter above a storm sewer to go to the bathroom.  This collection is from all over the world, so that in itself is pretty interesting.   People can submit their own findings on Google Street View also.

Cool stuff.