How to get WAMP to use WordPress SEO Friendly Permalinks

This is post is about getting WordPress to properly work with WAMP.

I often use WAMP , a full-featured web server with MySQL and PHP  and phpMyAdmin to test out website changes and development on my own machine – one of the best things out there for free.  When running WordPress in WAMP, one of the features of WordPress is using search-engine-friendly url’s. An example of how this url looks would be

However, WAMP out of the box will not word properly with this feature of WordPress. Luckily, this is easily fixed.

0) Get WordPress installed in WAMP – instructions for this are at, so I won’t repeat that here.

1) In wordpress, change the permalink setting to /%postname%/

2) In WAMP, make sure the apache module alias_module and rewrite_module are running.

3) If you are running multiple sites in WAMP, you’ll need to make sure that in the httpd-vhosts.conf file the Allow Override line is replaced with AllowOverride FileInfo Options.

4) That’s it! Restart WAMP and it should work.