Jude Cole, Kiefer Sutherland and Lifehouse

I am taking a departure from tech talk to discuss the new Lifehouse cd, “Smoke & Mirrors“, which in my opinion, is an extension of the incredible musician-songwriter Jude Cole. Kiefer Sutherland is also connected in all this, which I will get to in a moment.

Jude Cole is known for the 90s hits, “baby it’s tonight”, “house full of reasons”, “compared to nothing”, “believe in you”, “worlds apart”, among others. Jude was always surrounding himself with the best talent, from Jeff Porcaro (Toto, Michael Jackson) to Pat Mastelloto on drums, and guest appearances by Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades and others. The production on his stuff was always great, and his mid-nineties stuff sounds as fresh as anything today, but without the squashed overcompressed sound.  Jude Cole’s most recent release of his own can be checked out here .

Jude’s footprint is seen all over this Lifehouse cd, “Smoke & Mirrors”. Guitars, keys, background vocals, and co-songwriting are all classic Jude, from the Led 7eppelin-like Nerve Damage to the dance rocker All In, it feels like you have blessed with a Jude Cole release. Also, you have Chris Daughtrey co-writing and singing backgrounds on a song “Had Enough” . Jason Wade does a great job, and the band has never sounded better.

So how does Kiefer Sutherland fit in? Jude and Kiefer are best friends, and Kiefer’s Strat always made an appearance on Jude’s stuff, and Kiefer does spoken word on a Jude Cole song called “Joe”. Kiefer named his daughter Sarah Jude.

Once Kiefer started making big bucks with the tv show 24, he partnered on a recording studio with Jude, Ironworks Recording Studio.

It is by far my favorite release for the year.